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Colorado Concrete Countertops About

Colorado Concrete Countertops has been making Colorado homes and businesses beautiful since 2009.  We strive to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction possible while at the same time delivering the best product on time.

Owner John Gates started Colorado Concrete Countertops in 2009 after making concrete counters for a client while remodeling their kitchen.  He truly enjoys the work  and considers each project a work of art.  He graduated from California State Polytechnic University with a bachelor's degree in architecture and practiced architecture more than 15 years before starting Colorado Concrete Countertops.  He can be found on the golf course or playing the drums with a big band when he's not creating concrete art.

At Colorado Concrete Countertops,


we definitely enjoy coming up with unique designs that really take advantage of the high level of customization possible with decorative concrete, but we also understand that not all projects call for the unusual.  Many times, a simple approach is used to achieve the best result possible.  Sometimes the counters serve as a background, but always as part of a greater whole to compliment a particular design scheme.  Whatever the case, with John's background in architecture and art, you can be sure you will receive a product you can be proud of. 

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