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Colorado Concrete Countertops Commercial Portfolio

Restaurants, bars

Denver concrete counters | Dove Gray concrete counter top bar
Restaurants, bars


Colorado Concrete Countertops can help put the finishing touch on your eatery or tavern.  We will work with you  to find a look that compliments your interior design!

Commercial restrooms

Denver concrete counter | Mint green concrete vanity with integrated wave sinks and glass veining

Concrete is a great option for sinks and vanities, especially when an intergated sink is incorporated for easy maintainance and longevity.

Breakrooms, kitchens

Denver concrete countertops | Dove Gray concrete counters in office breakroom
Breakrooms, kitchens

Many businesses love  the look and feel of concrete counters in their breakrooms.

Stairways, reception desks, transaction counters, more

Denver concrete counter | Concrete stair treads for custom spiral staircase
Stairs, reception desks, more

... can make just about anything with concrete, just ask!  We love to talk concrete and would  like to hear your ideas!

Commercial Concrete Counters

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